Complete Mold Remediation Services - Odor / bacteria / Virus Removal

Remediation Services


Remediation Contracting

In the unfortunate event of water or smoke damage, our company can provide complete remediation services. Our use of MDF-500® makes our work less invasive than that of our competitors.

Green Solutions offers complete Remediation Contracting Services. This includes water extraction, drying, tear-out, rebuild, and the application of  MDF-500® to kill all pathogens and mold and remove all odors. Through our use of our patented   MDF-500® product, our process requires less tear-out and rebuild, so our process is much less invasive that that of your competitors. We use the term "Non-Destructive Remediation".

We will also work together with your insurance company to provide you with an affordable solution.

Please contact us in order to receive a free , no-obligation in-home consultation and estimate.