Green Solutions Using MDF-500®


One-Time Treatments

One-Time Treatment Option

One-Time Treatment Option

Our company can provide you with a One-Time MDF-500® Treatment option in order to eliminate all pathogens from your home and freshen the air your family breathes. We apply MDF-500® in a fine atomized mist that dissipates instantly and purifies every surface the mist can reach. As it is a mist, it can reach surfaces that more traditional disinfectants can not. We also spray the product into the duct work of your home. MDF-500® has no damaging affect on furniture, porous/non-porous surfaces, walls, and ceilings and can be used safely around electronic equipment. We do cover any antique furniture as an extra precaution. We ask that each room be vacant while we apply the product and remain vacant for at least 15 minutes. After application the product supplies a neutral, fresh aroma.

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